Nowadays, it’s quit difficult of CV/Resume writing. There are many people with good education, skills, and experiences but if they are not hired, then it means that they are failed to represent themselves through CV/Resume and all of their things are then good for nothing. Here in this blog you all will come to know that “How to write an Executive or Professional CV/Resume” to make yourselves get 110% selected.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is a CV/Resume? Defination of CV/Resume.

A CV/resume is one of the most important, necessary and key job-hunting tool for your professional career. CV/resume summarizes your accomplishments, academic qualifications, professional experiences, areas where your expert, your skills & strengths and any other information regarding the professional life and profession. CV/resume is a brief document that highlights your qualities and many other necessary things. This document can be considered as your proxy in the corporate world. It’s simply a marketing tool to get you into the door or win an interview.