Nowadays, it’s quit difficult of CV/Resume writing. There are many people with good education, skills, and experiences but if they are not hired, then it means that they are failed to represent themselves through CV/Resume and all of their things are then good for nothing. Here in this blog you all will come to know that “How to write an Executive or Professional CV/Resume” to make yourselves get 110% selected.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don’ts of CV/RESUME writing.

1. Don’t Use Stylish Fonts Or Funny Looking Fonts:
Avoid using stylish, funny, or fancy language fonts. Your CV/RESUME should look mature and professional. Let the content do the talking. Don’t use the word “I” repeatedly.

2. Don’t Put Your Snap/Picture:
Do not put your snap/photograph on your CV/RESUME. You want the employer to consider you on the basis of your Skills, Education, Experience instead of your physical appearance, as a start.

3. Never Lie:
Never lie whatever it takes. By lying, we only get saved for the time being and later on we get into the trouble. So it’s better to speak truth.  Explain your time gaps in your CV/RESUME when asked. If you have spent 1, 2 or more months looking for a new job, then say so. Inform the employer about it. If you have taken a career break, gone traveling or you were looking for the better opportunity, then say so! Don’t try to hide or make an excuse with the help of lie. The HR people are professionals and also expert enough to get the truth out of you.

4. Do Not Use Slangs & Abbreviations:
Do not use slangs or abbreviations in your CV/RESUME. This creates a careless and immature impact on the recruiter. Your CV/RESUME may be read by the HR manager who will be in need of seriously dedicated employees in his team. Make a good first impression through your CV/RESUME, so compose it very carefully.

5. Don’t Write The Same Thing Again N Again:
Avoid writing or repeating the same thing in your CV/RESUME which you have already mentioned, even if it is written in the form of bullets, because it will use the important space and take your other achievements far away. It also doesn’t give a good impression on your CV/RESUME.

6. Don’t Exaggerate Your Experience:
Exaggerating your experience will put you in great trouble and will also cause you problems later on. Write only experience where you actually worked and gained experience. Avoid writing fake experience.  So be practical, honest & careful while writing a CV/RESUME.

7. Don’t Quote Irrelevant Facts:
Do not write irrelevant/useless facts in your CV/RESUME which has no concern with your career achievements. A potential employer has no interest in how many children & grandchildren you have. He may only be interested and looking for a candidate, who is educated, trained, qualified and skilled in his area of expertise.

8. Make Professional Email ID:
Your email ID should be professional & mature looking.  Make a professional email address, preferably with your own name like: "", “”. Don’t use a humorous or inappropriate email address such as ", “”, “” etc. This may make an employer smile but won’t call you an interview.

9. References:
Include references only when it is required by the company. You should simply state that: “To be furnished upon request”, “References are available on request”.


xjosh2k6x said...

wow this tips are useful...:)..I will surely remind this on making my own resume...hehe


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Awesome Tips! Thanks for posting..

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Rhapsody B. said...


I agree with the Don'ts except the last, it is not necessary to write “To be furnished upon request”, or “References are available on request”. It’s a given standard and you would be expected to submit references when ask. Putting it is not necessarily wrong per say, it’s just redundant.

great tips...

stay blessed...

Malok Mading said...

Your article is great and in time.i want to ask about online experience.Do one have to include them in a CV/Resume e.g a person running a coaching blog,a personal affiliate website etc?

liz ferndanis said...
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liz ferndanis said...

There are basically five mistakes that mostly make by many people like Writing an Untraditional Resume, Unprofessional Email Address, giving lots of personal information, focusing on objectives and squeezing everything on one page.

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